La 14ª Reunión de Senadores de la JCI de ASAC se llevará a cabo en la ciudad de Guayaquil, del 11 al 14 de septiembre de 2024. Ven a vivir con nosotros esta extraordinaria experiencia.

Estamos preparando todo con mucho esfuerzo y cariño para que sea una estancia maravillosa. El Comité Organizador mantiene el entusiasmo para que este Encuentro de Senadores de la JCI de América y el Caribe tenga resultados tremendamente positivos

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The logo of the 14th ASAC Meeting represented by the Galapagos marine iguana, being the only marine lizard in the world and found in Ecuador.

The colors used in the logo have the following meaning:

Blue represents Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Green represents our commitment to the preservation of our environment

An ASAC Encounter, A Reunion of Friends

The experience of an ASAC Encounter highlights the purposes of ASAC, to

  • encourage and promote friendship, understanding and goodwill among JCI Senators of the Americas and the Caribbean.
  • to facilitate communication between member bodies of ASAC.
  •  to support participation in business and social events organized by JCI Senates of the Americas and the Caribbean
  • to support JCI and /or National and/ or Local Organizations.

Twenty (20) countries of the region are members of ASAC – Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, México, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.   The official languages of ASAC are English and Spanish.

A Background to the Encounters

It was in 2009 that Senator Enrique Norero invited JCI Senators to the first business meeting in Peru.  Under the ASAC leadership of Senator John Moreno (deceased), some members decided to participate. It was accepted de facto as a great decision, so much so that it was agreed that the Encounter should be a staple occurrence on the ASAC calendar each year.  The next four (4) Encounters were immediately scheduled.

Senate Encounters of the Association of Senators of the Americas and the Caribbean (ASAC) continue to be a unique and outstanding programme, born out of that initial experiential project in Peru in 2009. That awesome experience of hosting Senators from throughout the Americas and the Caribbean region inculcated a deep interest among members that truly reflect one of the tenets of the JCI Creed that “the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations”.

The theme, Tourism, Friendship and Business was deliberately chosen to demonstrate that this international gathering was about bonding, networking, and having meaningful fun while experiencing one another’s culture.  For those Senators who are in business and want to expand their network, this opportunity was provided.  The goal was also to downplay the protocols associated with JCI Meetings, Conferences and World Congresses while demonstrating our many years of learnings as JCI Senators.

Historical Encounters to date have been:

Peru16-21 September 2009México19 – 25 August 2015Cochabamba,Bolivia6-9 september 2023
Honduras21 – 27 August 2010Suriname17 – 20 August 2016
Colombia17 – 22 August 2011Curacao23 – 25 August 2017
Aruba19 – 26 August 2012Colombia (Cartagena):22 – 26 August 2018
Trinidad and Tobago12 – 18 August 2013Honduras (Roatan)21 – 25 August 2019
Panama12 – 18 August 2013Trinidad and Tobago17-21 August 2022

While initially participation in ASAC Encounters was just over twenty members, today ASAC can boast of representation from all its member states, and participation has multiplied by over 700% to over one hundred and forty (140) participants.


Ecuador is a country that straddles the equator on the west coast of South America. Its diverse landscapes encompass the Amazon jungle, the Andean highlands and the Galapagos Islands with abundant fauna. On the slopes of the Andes, at an elevation of 2,850 m, its capital Quito is famous for its long-preserved Spanish colonial center, with ornate 16th and 17th century palaces and religious sites, such as the ornate Church of the Company of Jesus.

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