Dear JCI Senator,

Welcome to the Association of Senators of the Americas and Caribbean (ASAC) Business Development Network.  This site is designed to aid JCI Senators from around ASAC to develop a platform to share information of mutual interest to Network members to develop and enhance their business.

This Network was specially designed to allow members to promote their businesses among each other and to do business with each other or to get referrals for their business or service.  Additionally, there will be a discussion board where members can ask questions of other members or share articles on business development that may be of interest to members.

There is no charge for registering your business to be part of the network. All participants will be included on our Products and Services Directory. Those who want to participate can fill out the registration form under the Business Registration tab.

When a member is registered, we will publish their information on the ASAC Website. Visitors will be able to see the member’s business or service and their contact information. Visitors and Senators can contact the service provider/business owner directly to follow-up on their needs and develop a working relationship.

As the website continues to evolve the Discussion Board will be established to allow interested members to use the collective knowledge and expertise of fellow JCI Senators to build, enhance and address their own business needs and interests.

Should you have any questions regarding the ASAC Business Development Network, please feel free to contact the ASAC Business Commissioner whose contact information is included under the contact tab.

We will be looking forward to having you register your business, take advantage of the networking, and feel that ASAC provides an opportunity for business!